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If you want to get a job in the fashion industry, or just learn more about it, keep reading.

British Vogue started a serie of documentary by Alexa Chung dedicated to the fashion industry and it’s awesome !

Guided by questions from the viewing public from all over the world, Chung investigates fashion from the inside out. Rather than a world that is frivolous, elitist and unprofitable, Chung proves that as an art form, an industry and most of all as a career choice, fashion can be underrated and holds masses of opportunity for anyone who wants to get involved. More than this, she shows that from Olivier Rousteing to brand-new graduates, there’s heart, dedication and humour.



Business of Fashion free online courses about fashion industry are gold.

The website Business of Fashion founded in 2007 by Imran Amed, a fashion business advisor, writer and digital entrepreneur, began as a project of passion, aiming to fill the void for an informed, analytical and opinionated point of view on the fashion business.

The Business of Fashion
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Free Courses


And for more content on the fashion industry : Fashionista


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